Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love how the tiniest little things can change how I see my day. I woke up this morning feeling really sick and awful, and I couldn't sleep so I just tried to read in bed for a while. When this didn't make me feel any better and I was still tired, I wandered downstairs to feed the cats so they would stop crawling all over me. Dan and Elliot were getting up as I was puttering around, and for about fifteen minutes the three of us wandered in and out of the kitchen, putting together breakfasts, making pleasant morning small talk, and drinking the super-strong coffee Anya had made before she left the house. I experimented a little and made myself a delicious, greasy breakfast--a vegan grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with fried mushrooms and onions. The boys left, I finished my sandwich, and now with food, sun, conversation, and caffeine to sustain me I'm feeling so much better.

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