Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I have overheard two young women (I believe both in the Augsburg Women's Studies program) declaring themselves as definitely-not-feminists this week. Bums me out.

UPDATE: this comic restores my hope in humanity.

It's a Sickness

I want to see GBV again so baaaaaad! Why are you only playing festivals in the spring, guys? I can't afford those ticket prices and I don't care about seeing the other bands. Waaaaah.

Man, especially if I get into Oxford, one more time would be a really excellent U S of fuckin' A sendoff.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ain't no Bible

Like the King James Bible.

During my Religion class last semester, I was shocked by how clunky and ugly the language of the new translations (/"dumbed-down translations") is. The King James might be harder to understand sometimes, but it's so much more poetic and interesting than these icky newer versions I heard recently.

Maybe someday I will actually try to read the Bible again (could certainly be helpful for Ulysses) so my opinion, which is based on my 8-to-13-year-old perusings, can at least be somewhat valid.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Writing Advice

I want to start regularly posting good writing advice that I come across in class, in the Writing Lab, and in conversation.

"Cut you darlings."

If I had to choose my favorite or most useful piece of advice I've received about my writing, it's "cut your darlings." The professor who taught my first-year composition class (who is now my dearly beloved adviser) told us this in maybe the second week of class, and I swear it changed my life; something about that phrase seemed totally irreverent and liberating. It was as if I had spent my whole academic life until that point waiting for permission to highlight and delete. When I run into one of those times when I can't figure out what I'm trying to say, it's oddly reassuring to have this reminder that my paper and my subject are more important than that one perfectly articulated paragraph, and, by extension, my ego.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh James,

For better or for worse, we are going to spending a lot of time together over the next few months. Happy birthday you damned weirdo.

But really, it turns out that I love Utah and Ulysses. My poor mother is probably dying of shame. I guess it would have been to weird had I turned out exactly like her, so I had to mix it up a bit. Sorry, Mum! I promise I'm still city-loving, hairy-legged, feminist, vegetarian, coffee-drinker at heart, I just have soft spots for crazy narration, literary puzzles, and red dirt.

Can I just say

That the academic hiring process looks like an absolute nightmare. I am currently helping my department interview and evaluate three different candidates for a position at our school, and I get exhausted by doing about half of the work and running around that the candidates and professors have to do. I can't tell if I feel thankful and privileged to have this insight into a process I will almost definitely undergo someday, or if I should just give up now because the whole thing looks so grueling and absurd.