Sunday, April 25, 2010


Some semblance of a reading list for this summer. I don't expect to get all of this in (an almost superhuman feat, surely), but I definitely need to finish the first five before school starts again.

- Ulysses by James Joyce
- Leviathan, or the Whale by Philip Hoare
I just have to say I'm so, SO excited to read this book. I nearly lost my damn mind when Joe (thank heavens for Joe!) pointed it out to me in Oxford. I keep feeling like I should check the dedication page to make sure my name isn't on it. It's like this person got inside my brain, picked up everything I'd been stirring around in there since September and turned it into an amazing book.

- Passion of the Western Mind by Richard Tarnas
- The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey
- Short fiction by Jorge Luis Borges
- My big fat collection of 17th-19th century American Lit that I snatched up at Shakespeare & Co. for ten euro
- Realism by Linda Nochlin
- The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
- Any good poetry I come across


By Jenny Holzer.
I bought a postcard of this at the Tate Modern when I was 17, and got to see it at the Pompidou last month. Still love it.


Coming across a thread full of "Bob Dylan is so stupid his voice sucks!" comments while listening to Bob Dylan. Awkward, kind of funny, so infuriating.

On that note, I hear a little snippet of Bob Dylan's radio show when I was at Treehouse Records last week, and it sounded amazing! His voice now is just so perfect for radio it's almost painful--it sounds like molasses and gravel and butter all stirred together in a big pot of dark, black coffee. So awesome. I'm adding "listening to that" to my list of things to do this summer.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Wish for a Young Wife

My lizard, my lively writher,
May your limbs never wither,
May the eyes in your face
Survive the green ice
Of envy’s mean gaze;
May you live out your life
Without hate, without grief,
And your hair ever blaze,
In the sun, in the sun,
When I am undone,
When I am no one.

--Theodore Roethke

Recently discovered thanks to my lovely and totally insane advisor/professor extraordinaire, who always has something exciting to teach me. He has sent a lot of good poetry my way lately.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is a helmet with a mustache.

A few snapshots of our spring break adventure.

A list

My brilliant and beautiful writer-friend Chloe made her list-of-things-to-do-before-she-dies list a few months ago, and hers is so good and perfect for her that I've decided to follow suite (in a less interesting way, probably).

1) Speak French fluently
2) Get my English PhD
3) Be an honest, hard to please, receptive, careful, and sensitive editor
4) Spend at least one year living back out West
5) Get the canopy bed I've wanted since the 3rd grade
6) Be able to cook/bake anything I want, without a recipe
7) Learn to garden
8) Become an expert on something (see #2)
9) Get an article published/publish articles regularly in the NY Times Book Review or The New Yorker
10) I'm sticking with Chloe's best friend/lover suggestion
11) Adopt a pit bull puppy
12) Revisit my natural hair color
13) Continue coffee shop dates with my mom, always
14) Live different places all across the U.S.; Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Utah, Oakland, Chicago, Vermont...and maybe back to the Twin Cities
15) Own an apartment in France

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Right now I really love Maria Martinez and her gorgeous pots. The finish is so rich! The designs are so lovely! Every part of the pot and even most of the kiln comes from the desert.
I've really fallen in love with pottery recently; I never would have guessed that deciding to take an introductory Ceramics class (and only because it filled a requirement for my Art History major) would lead to me to a new interest, something fresh to get excited about. Now, everywhere I go I notice ceramics, and it was really amazing to see ancient, beautiful pots all through the Pitts Rivers Museum and the British Museum while I was in England last month.
I'm still no good at making stuff myself, but I've gotten better and now it's routinely more fun than it is frustrating. Maybe I'll post some of my finished products 0nce the semester is over, if I end up with anything I'm proud of.

The point though, is that Maria Martinez is the bomb.