Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring in Minneapolis

Amazing garden at the Seward Cafe
Clouds over Franklin
Watching the sun set and a huge storm come in down Franklin
You know. For your recipes.
 A caterpillar crawled on me!
The Street actually being recognized! Barnes and Noble is actually making an attempt at selling this novel to people! People are actually being encouraged to read it! I almost lost my mind with joy.
On 19th, I think.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Dudes

There are two fabulous gentlemen in my life who, as of recently, I consider my new best friends. They are so great! Thanks, you guys, for being so smart, engaging, challenging, funny, completely ridiculous, for introducing me to all kinds of exciting new things, drinking with me, cooking with me, and for providing me with many trollz and lolz.

I will chase your hats whenever you need me to.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday: Spent most of the afternoon and evening sitting around my friend's apartment, reading aloud the masturbation chapter from Ulysses and having awesome conversations about our ideas about the chapter and recurring themes, images, phrases, etc. that show up throughout our section and the book as a whole
Sunday: Spent most of the afternoon and evening going through "Scylla and Charybdis," highlighting the passages I was supposed to read for my group's performance

Last night: Read aloud a chapter of Ulysses based on dialectic and Shakespeare (Hamlet, specifically).
Just now: Sat around with a bunch of writing tutors and friendly visitors, politely discussed and disagreed about Thoreau, read a fellow English major's paper on Jane Eyre, felt an overwhelming urge to re-read Jane Eyre, talked briefly about Ulysses and Illuminatus!, had a little chat about Emerson and strategies for being a good reader.

Have I mentioned how much I just. fucking. love. being an English student?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daley and the Long Roman Candle

I also have to say "thanks" to Ulysses--both the book and the class--for giving me the opportunity to spend my Saturday sitting around drinking whiskey and reading aloud with two dudes, while they tell me things like "I really like what you're doing with the climax part of the reading, but the orgasm has to be way louder and more ridiculous. Make it raunchy!"

Just in case I am leaving some mysterious person in the dark here, some context:
Even though I am but a lowly sophomore, I am currently in a senior seminar focused solely on the reading of James Joyce's epic-ordinary-day "novel," taught by my dear and trusted adviser.  The twelve of us in the class have now finished reading the book (and those who haven't, really, get to pretend they have), and rather than writing a big final paper or something like that, we decided to do a marathon reading of the book. We are reading each chapter of Ulysses in groups of 2-4 students, in various public locations around the Augsburg campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, with most readings lasting between 45 minutes and two hours. Sometimes there is nothing else going on but people reading right from the book, but a few readings got a little theatrical; one student actually cooked a kidney on a hotplate in the library for the performance of "Calypso," for instance.

All of my group readings are this week, starting with "Scylla and Charybdis" (Stephen argues with older literary dudes about Shakespeare) tomorrow night, followed by "Sirens" (musical-word-sounds-chapter, takes place in a pub with awesome raunchy barmaids) on Wednesday night, and, finally, "Nausicaa" (the public masturbation chapter that got the book banned) at noon on Friday. I am really excited for all of them, but especially "Nausicaa."

After this week, things are still crazy. The whole class will read "Circe," the hallucinatory-red-light-district-chapter that's written like a play, all the men in the class will read "Ithaca," and the whole affair will be capped off with all of the women in the class reading "Penelope" together in the Augsburg film studio.

Another cool tidbit is that apparently the oft-mentioned adviser was born on Bloomsday, and my birthday is the day after (upon which about half of the book takes place anyway). This year, the dates are going to correspond to the days of the week in the book and everything, so I hope that we will have a celebration of some kind.

Anyway, Ulysses has basically taken over my life, for better or for worse. Probably better.

If Only

I just had a dream that a bunch of Republicans from Congress were descending on some coffee shop (it looked exactly like the Caribou on Fairview and Randolph in St. Paul) to protest something having to do with garbage disposal and "government waste" and taxes. I ended up interrupting John Boehner as he was on his way to dig through a dumpster, and we ended up standing between a little, dusty sedan and a gigantic, organge SUV, talking about what was going on. He got tearful, and the conversation (and dream) ended with me reading him a short, reflective paper I wrote for Ulysses class, which he deeply appreciated.

How you know you are an English major: when your dreams involve emotional persuasions of shitty people through the power of captial-L Literature.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The good news is

For the first time ever (though now that I think about it, it may be the first time I have tried), I have convinced one of my peers that Fight Club is actually stupid.


Grrrr I hate it so much and it makes me feel like a generational traitor or something. Which is too bad, because seriously, fuck this movie.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uggggghhh. Running on about three hours of restless sleep after a long night and long morning of storms, culminating in a 6:30 AM bike ride back up the hill to St. Paul. It was for a good cause: quality time with new, cool people in my life.

But damn. I am exhausted.