Thursday, April 22, 2010

A list

My brilliant and beautiful writer-friend Chloe made her list-of-things-to-do-before-she-dies list a few months ago, and hers is so good and perfect for her that I've decided to follow suite (in a less interesting way, probably).

1) Speak French fluently
2) Get my English PhD
3) Be an honest, hard to please, receptive, careful, and sensitive editor
4) Spend at least one year living back out West
5) Get the canopy bed I've wanted since the 3rd grade
6) Be able to cook/bake anything I want, without a recipe
7) Learn to garden
8) Become an expert on something (see #2)
9) Get an article published/publish articles regularly in the NY Times Book Review or The New Yorker
10) I'm sticking with Chloe's best friend/lover suggestion
11) Adopt a pit bull puppy
12) Revisit my natural hair color
13) Continue coffee shop dates with my mom, always
14) Live different places all across the U.S.; Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Utah, Oakland, Chicago, Vermont...and maybe back to the Twin Cities
15) Own an apartment in France

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