Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Right now I really love Maria Martinez and her gorgeous pots. The finish is so rich! The designs are so lovely! Every part of the pot and even most of the kiln comes from the desert.
I've really fallen in love with pottery recently; I never would have guessed that deciding to take an introductory Ceramics class (and only because it filled a requirement for my Art History major) would lead to me to a new interest, something fresh to get excited about. Now, everywhere I go I notice ceramics, and it was really amazing to see ancient, beautiful pots all through the Pitts Rivers Museum and the British Museum while I was in England last month.
I'm still no good at making stuff myself, but I've gotten better and now it's routinely more fun than it is frustrating. Maybe I'll post some of my finished products 0nce the semester is over, if I end up with anything I'm proud of.

The point though, is that Maria Martinez is the bomb.

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  1. Ah Maria is amazing, Ms. Lynn would always play her video during ceramics when she had nothing else for us to do