Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some things that I am fond of:

Canyonlands National Park, probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I felt like I could sit there on a rock forever and never leave, content to just smell the cliffrose and lay across the slickrock. It's weird, lovely and peaceful.

The Gateway District. Awesome, fun, slightly melancholy, sometimes twangy Midwestern pop punk. They remind me of how great Minneapolis is and how much I love Minnesota (plus I'm listening to them right now!)

My goofy old camera. It's cheap and beat up, but it's always taken good photos. It was the camera I used when I started to learn how much I loved taking pictures, and I'm so glad that I still have it. I hope to use it more this summer!

The Bean Factory patio in the summer. It's always sunny and pleasant, my perfect place to relax and drink something tasty. Or more realistically, my perfect place to read the newspaper and have my head explode with anger. But you know. It's nice anyway.

My bike! It's a little beast--heavy, especially with my big ol' baskets on the back, but I can haul about three weeks worth of groceries up a hill with it. Sometimes the clunkiness bugs me, but it's a trooper and I love it.

Can't stop listening to this. So, so strange and creepy and amazing. LOVE IT.

Art and artists. My girl Sonia Delaunay for instance, totally workin' her own clothing designs at her own art show.

All things whale related, but especially art and literature.

Joe and bookstores, combined! I can't think of anything better, personally.

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