Monday, May 3, 2010

Okay I couldn't resist another Modern Lovers song. This one is still precious, but more punk! Yeah!

Indicative of my mood lately, my post-school confusion, or my life/tastes in general (who knows--any or all of the above?), the movies I have out of Netflix right now are A Bout de Souffle, Blanc (White), and  Dirty Dancing. Yeah. Don't hate. Tomorrow is my 4th day in a row of work--a sort of surprise Bean Factory mini-marathon--and then hopefully I will get to watch them all in the next few days. Now that I finished knitting my scarf I don't know what to do while I watch movies! I'm weirdly tempted to make a foray into quilting because I loved the album quilts we looked at in art history so much, but that seems a little ridiculous for right now. Then again, maybe that's exactly why I should do it.

These quilts were such a fun discovery for me. I love how they're very organized but allow so much room for creativity and the specific design choices of the women who make them. They're colorful, engaging, functional, and lovely.  The best question I've ever been asked on a test was on my Women & Art final this year, the course that lead me to these quilts and a wealth of other amazing artists and information; I hope this doesn't give away anything for future Augsburg students, but the question was such that I got to respond saying that if I were to make a particular themed album quilt I would include a square depicting Holofernes's disembodied head. One of those moments when I feel sure that my double major was a good idea.
I also realized recently that I haven't blogged about my new kitty cats at all! Heinous of me, really. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Sophie and Beauregard.

They started out pretty skittish and nervous, and still are some of the time, but I'm happy to note that as I type this post I have Beau sleeping on my feet and little tiny Sophie curled up near my right elbow. They are brother and sister from the same litter (even though Sophie is about a third of Beau's size), and they are best friends--they curl up and sleep together, and if they get separated Sophie cries! Ms. Midway is not pleased at all, but in spite of all of her hissing bravado I think she's coping. She's moving to Alaska with Jordan very soon now and I will miss her terribly (my first cat!) but the new cats are wonderful and I'm so happy to have them.

To be fair, here is an adorable picture of Mid, who puts up with all the crazy things I do to her.

/crazy cat lady post.

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